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International Conference

최근 5년

[학술회의, 포스터발표] 2019 ITAA Annual Conference, Las Vegas, USA (Failure experience and rumination in mobile shopping of fashion products), 2019.10.27. (Ga-Young Ahn, Inhwa Kim, Yuri Lee)

[학술회의, 구두발표] 2019 Global Fashion Management Conference, Paris, France (A study on consumer perception of safety anxiety on overall clothing environment), 2019.7.12. (Shinyoung Park*, Yuri Lee, Jooyoun Kim, EunKyung Ko)

[학술회의, 구두발표] 2019 Global Fashion Management Conference, Paris, France (The influence of core capability of a firm and perceived CSR on purchasing behavor in a different store type), 2019.7.12. (Ha Youn Kim*, Yuri Lee, Jihyun Yoon, Jong-Youn Rha, Yeo Jin Jung)

[학술회의, 포스터발표] 2018 ITAA Annual Conference, Cleveland, USA (A Cross-cultural Study of Proximity of Clothing to Self between South Korea and Mongolia), 2018.11.8. (Sun Young Choi, Joeun Lee*, Jeyeon Jo, Jisoo Ha, Yuri Lee)

[학술회의, 포스터발표] 2018 ITAA Annual Conference, Cleveland, USA (Continuity of Retail Therapy of Fashion Product Shopping: A Daily Diary Analysis), 2018.11.8. (Ga Young Ahn, Yea Jin Song*, Songmee Kim, Yuri Lee)

[학술회의, 구두발표] 2018 Global Marketing Conference, Tokyo, Japan (The effect of customization experience on consumers' happiness and purchase intention and the mediating roles of autonomy, competence and authorship), 2018.7.28. (Ha Youn Kim, Yuri Lee, Erin Cho, Sunyang Park*)

[학술회의, 구두발표] 2018 International Conference on Clothing and Textiles, Seoul, Korea (Retailers' efforts to integrate consumers' experience of fashion and food), 2018.5.26. (Yeo Jin Jung, D Shin, SY Kim, H Kim, S Park, Yuri Lee, J Yoon)

[학술회의, 구두발표] 2017 ITAA Annual Conference at Florida, USA (Impact of Clothing Consumption Values and Lifestyle on Smartwatch Acceptance), 2017.11.17. (Mingwan Jeon, Yonghyuk Kim, Jinseob Kim, Wonseok Kang, Yeo Jin Jung, Yuri Lee)

[학술회의, 구두발표] 2017 Global Fashion Management Conference at Vienna, Vienna, Austria (Fashion curating on Instagram: Will the sharing economy alternatives expand the market?), 2017.7.7. (Yeo Jin Jung, Yuri Lee)

[학술회의, 구두발표] 2017 Global Fashion Management Conference at Vienna, Vienna, Austria (Identifying aesthetic preferences for beauty types in women's appearance among East Asian cultures), 2017.7.7. (Sunwoo Kim, Yuri Lee, Seunghoo Lim)

[학술회의, 구두발표] 2017 Global Fashion Management Conference at Vienna, Vienna, Austria (How mid- to low- end brand personality impacts perceived quality, commitment, and loyalty? Comparing Korean vs. Chinese consumers' attitudes toward global and local brands), 2017.7.7. (Sujing Yang, Yuri Lee)

[학술회의, 포스터발표] 2016 ITAA Annual Conference, Vancouver, Canada (Effect of technological atmosphere of fashion store on online behavior intention: Focusing on AIDMSAS model), 2016.11.9. (Ha Young Kim, Sun Young Cha, Yeo Jin Jung, Tae Yeon Kim, Yuri Lee)

[학술회의, 포스터발표] 2016 ITAA Annual Conference, Vancouver, Canada (The meaning of fashion: Implicit and explicit Self-esteem and depression), 2016.11.10. (Sae-eun Lee, Hyungjin Son, Yuri Lee, Jisoo Ha)

[학술회의, 포스터발표] 2016 ITAA Annual Conference, Vancouver, Canada (An approach to the difference of store environments on customer experience realms and behaviors), 2016.11.10. (Yeo Jin Jung, Tae Yeon Kim, Ha Youn Kim, Sun Young Cha, Yuri Lee, So Yeon Yoon)

[학술회의, 구두발표] 2016 Global Marketing Conference (The influence of information source characteristics of SNS on online CSR e-WOM acceptance and attitudes to the company) 2016.7.23 (Hyjae Song, Hayeon Kim, Yuri Lee)

[학술회의, 구두발표] 2016 AHFE Conference, Orlando, USA (The effect of store design factors on perceptio nof fashion brand authenticity: Comparison between luxury and fast fashion brands) 2016. 7. 30 (Yuri Lee, Soeun Kim, Chorong Youn, Hyunjoo Oh)

[학술회의, 구두발표] 2016 ACRA Annual Conference, Secaucus, USA (Therapeutic online retailing: exploratory research for the moderating effect of the internet shopping frequency) 2016. 4. 14 (Heejung Shohn, Jihyun Lee, Yeo Jin Jung, Yuri Lee)


[학술회의, 구두발표] 2016 ACRA Annual Conference, Secaucus, USA (The mechanism of corporate philanthropy affecting consumer patronage behavior) 2016. 4. 14 (Jihyun Lee*, Erin Cho, Yuri Lee)


[학술회의, 포스터발표] 2015 ITAA Annual Conference, Santa Fe, USA (Rethinking fashion therapy: Theoretical and practical foundations for value creations in clothing and textiles discipline) 2015. 11. 11 (Hyungjin Son1, Sunwoo Kim*, Yuri Lee, Jihyun Lee, Saeeun Lee)


[학술회의, 포스터발표] 2015 Summer Marketing Edcucators' Conference (Effect of consumer's reciprocity and licensing perception of philanthropic SCR: Moderation by money-giving vs. expertise-giving), 2015.8.14. (Jihyun Lee, Yuri Lee)


[학술회의, 구두발표] 22nd Recent Advances in Retaing and Services Sicence Conference(Impact of product classification methods on Internet shopping sites, 2015.7.28. (Seo-Young Han, Hyungjin Son, Hyjae Song, Yunjin Cho, Yuri Lee)


[학술회의, 구두발표] 2015 Global Fashion Management Conference at Florence, Italy (Fashion therapy research trends and proposal for enhancing happiness), 2015.6.25 (Sae-un Lee, Yuri Lee, Jisoo Ha, Joen Lee)


[학술회의, 구두발표] 2015 Global Fashion Management Conference at Florence, Italy (Analysis of properties of fashion trading areas using network analysis technique), 2015.6.25 (Yunjeong Kim, Joeun Lee, Yuri Lee)


[학술회의, 구두발표] AMA/ACRA 2nd Triennial Conference, Coral Gables, FL, USA (Effects of perceived retail crowding on shopping experience: Roles of store size), 2015.3.5 (Yongsoo Ha, Yuri Lee)


[학술회의, 포스터발표] 2015 Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu, USA (Human ecology graduates in the retail sectors: An assessment of the gap between their college education and teh industry needs), 2015.1.6 (I.Choi, J. Yoon, HJ Choo, J-Y Rha, Yuri Lee)


[학술회의, 구두발표] 2014 ITAA Annual Conference, Charlotte, USA (Scale development: Measuring the symbolic image of a fashion brand), 2014.11.15 (Soo-In Shim, Jisoo Park, Seo-young Han, Boram Kim, Min-young Ahn, Yuri Lee)


[학술회의, 구두발표] 2014 ITAA Annual Conference, Charlotte, USA (Bargaining behavior of Chinese consumers in buying fashion products), 2014.11.13 (Xiao-Yuan Zhou, Kyung Wha Chung, Soozing Park, Hyungjin Son, Yuri Lee) 


[학술회의, 구두발표] 2014 ITAA Annual Conference, Charlotte, USA (Response style in data from Korea, China, japan, and the US: How to reduce methodological biase in cross-cultural studies), 2014.11.15 (Sunwoo Kim, Yoon Jung Choi, Yoon Kyung Cho, Jisoo Park, Joen Lee, Yuri Lee)


[학술회의, 구두발표] 2014 Global Fashion Management Conference, London, UK (A study on the fashion trend using a network analysis), 2014.2.14 (Jisoo Park, Yuri Lee)


[학술회의, 구두발표] 2014 Global Fashion Management Conference, London, UK (Impact of the human factor in a fashion store – focusing on physical attractiveness and self-image congruence), 2014.2.14 (Seo-young Han, Yoon-jung Kim, Yuri Lee)